The World Flying Disc Federation 2012 World Ultimate and Guts Championships in Sakai, Osaka is hosted by Japan Flying Disc Association. Starting on Saturday July 7, 2012, hundreds of games will take place over the course of one week at the Sakai National Training Center (J-GREEN SAKAI).

The World Championships bring the top Ultimate and Guts teams in the world together to compete for coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The Championships are currently held every 4 years, and each participating country is allowed to send one team in each division.

This championship is aiming 1) To support victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster.  2) To provide WFDF and all participants and guests with a unique and outstanding experience in Japan.  3) To build stronger international relationships between disc players in Kansai (west-Japan) area and other countries.  4) To develop awareness of the sport of Ultimate in Japan and worldwide using world class athletic fields. Ultimate Division is also placed as trail for World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia and we are expecting to see many exciting games.

[ Team Registration ] 22countries, 65 teams
*India couldn't make it to JAPAN this time

[ latest schedule ] 

WUGC2012 Ultimate Schedule Book v1.3.1 <<updated as of 11th July>>
Natural Field grass swapped inside. 

WUGC2012 Guts Schedule Book v1.1 <<updated as of 9th July>>


Ultimate Game revised(as of 27th June)

Revised game schedule of Ultimate (Ver1.1) is now available from here(PDF Version).

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Ultimate Game Schedule Released

Game schedule of Ultimate is now available from here(PDF Version). Thank you everyone for your kindly patience.

Charity Project for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Please access the special page for charity project and check out the messages from Tohoku players.

Commercial Film

Commercial film of WUGC2012 is available on our site. http://wugc2012.org/english/index.php/gallery/video