Rule of Play


How the Game goes?
Ultimate is a non-contact, self-refereed team sports played with a flying disc. Each team has 7 players on the playing field such as the right picture.

The length of the field is 100m, and width is 37m. just similar to the soccer field, but half width. The field is designed with playing field and end zone. Just similar to the rugby field. They score a goal when one of the players catch the disc in the opposite endo zone.

When one of the players hold the disc, he/she cannot walk, so they move the disc by passing to teammates. The possession of the disc is changed when offensive players could not pass the disc(i.e. the disc was not caught and fell to the ground)

Spirit of The Game
Ultimate rules are established upon the concept of "Spirit of the game".

It promotes fair play on every players. There are no referees in the ultimate games, even in the world championships. Therefore, each players have to role as not only a player but also a referee, so each player is able to judge opponent's play based on the rule. The judgement is done by each player based on this "spirit of the Game".

Trying to win is ofcourse encouraged, but at the same time, respectful attitude toward other players is also required in the Ultimate games.

Basic Rules
  • The Pull
  • In-bounds and out-of-bounds
  • No running with the disc
  • The 10-second rule
  • Turnovers
  • Fouls, Violations and Infractions
  • Making a Call
  • Scoring
  • Substitution of players

Read more: Basic Rules in WFDF web site

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How the Game goes?
Guts is one of the team events in the flying disc sports. It is played by two teams of five players each. The official disc of the game is the Pro model Frisbee disc. For informal play, a lightweight, blunt-rim disc such as the 100 G DDC is sometimes used. The playing field consists of two parallel goal-lines 15 m in length and 14 m apart. The teams stand in line opposite each other. Each team defends a goal- line.

The disc is thrown back and forth between the teams. The object is to throw the disc through the line of defending players. The throwing team scores a point when the other team does not catch a correctly thrown disc. The receiving team scores a point when the disc is not thrown correctly. When a correctly thrown disc is caught by the other team, no points are scored. The team that first reaches 21 points, wins the game.

Of course, the guts games are played based on "Spirit of the game" bacause there are no referee. With respect toward opponent, the the game goed on.

Read more: Basic Rules in WFDF web site