What is Guts?

Guts, is a test of players’ daring. Two teams stand on opposite ends of a 15-meter court. Each defends their own line in games to 21. The throwing team scores a point each time the receiving team does not catch a fair disc thrown at speeds that can exceed 100km/hr. The receiving team scores a point each time the disc is thrown incorrectly. When the receiving team catches a fairly thrown disc, no point is scored.

Top Guts players must be able to throw with great speed and pinpoint accuracy. Defense requires intense concentration, lightning quick eye-hand coordination, and teamwork as the disc may be bobbled from one player to another before being caught. The sport of Guts celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007.

Invented in the United States, the top Guts teams currently hail from Asia.


At WUGC 2012, competition will occur in one division

  • Open - no age or gender restriction

* At least 6 national members should be participating to establish the division.


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