Timeline of Registration is as follows.

 - Team Registration Available from:  February 6th, 2012
 - Team Registration Due:  March 16th, 2012
 - Team Registration Payment Due:  March 30th, 2012
 - Member Registration Due:  April 27th, 2012
 - Member Registration Payment Due:  May 11th, 2012

 * No cancellation is permitted after Registration Due.

Registration Site

Please access to proceed the registration. Team and player registration are available from this site. This site is for the team captain or representative.


Registration Fee

Team and Player’s registration fee will be collected in Japanese Yen (JPY). Accreditation card will be provided to each participant for the pass. 

(For Ultimate Division) *Open, Women, Mixed, Masters
Team fee: 60,000 yen
Player’s fee: 30,000 yen

(For Women’s Masters Division)
Team fee: 40,000 yen
Player’s fee: 20,000 yen

(For Guts)
Team fee: 30,000 yen
Player’s fee: 15,000 yen

(For Guests) *Coach, guests
Registration fee: 5,000 yen

* Please refer to for your currency rate conversion.


Waivers of liability

Please confirm the file as follows. Please make sure to print this document and sign before the tournament. The waivers must be collected during registration/accreditation at the latest and handed over to the WFDF Delegate prior to the start of play. (July 7th)