History of WUGC

The WFDF World Ultimate & Guts Championships are currently held every 4 years. Qualifying events in each country typically occur in the year prior to the World Championships.

In 1983, the first World Ultimate & Guts Championship was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Related events include:

  • WFDF World Club Ultimate Championships, where multiple 'club' teams from each country can qualify to attend, also held every four years but staggered by two years from the World Championships.
  • WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships, also held every four years and staggered by 2 years from the World Championships.
  • World Games - Ultimate was first included as a medal sport in the 2001 World Games in Akita, Japan.
Year Host Ultimate Guts
Open Women Junior Open Junior Women Master Mixed Open
1983 Gothenburg, Sweden  USA  USA  Finland - - - Sweden 
1984 Luzern, Switzerland USA  Finland Sweden - - - USA 
1986 Colchester, UK USA  USA  Sweden - - - Sweden 
1988 Leuven, Belgium USA  USA  Sweden - Sweden - Sweden 
1990 Oslo, Norway USA  USA  Sweden - USA - USA 
1992 Utsunomiya, Japan Sweden Japan Chinese Taipei - USA - USA 
1994 Colchester, UK USA  Sweden USA - - - Chinese Taipei
1996 Jonkoping, Sweden USA Sweden Sweden - Sweden - Chinese Taipei
1998 Blaine, MN, USA Canada USA USA - Canada Canada Chinese Taipei
2000 Heilbronn, Germany USA Canada Sweden USA USA USA Chinese Taipei
2004 Turku, Finland Canada Canada USA Canada USA USA Japan
2008 Vancouver, Canada Canada USA USA Japan USA Canada USA


More information on the history of WFDF, Ultimate and Guts can be found on the
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