Thank you for all the application to the WUGC2012 volunteer.
We have sent out the final information to volunteer appliers last week, but in case you have not checked your E-mail yet, please find the below announcements.  For any inquiries, please contact the volunteer staff.
Here are the final information concerning
upcoming schedule and reminders related to
volunteer matters.
(Latest Information)

◆Time Schedule for Volunteers - all
  (2012.7.12 update)

◆ Time Schedule for Volunteers - satelite
  Day 7  L0  L4
  Day 8  L0  L3
1. July 6th: Staff Meeting
   ◆Please come to General Reception at Dream Camp by 12:30
    As you check-in, you'll be given a Accrediation Card
  ◆Duration:1pm~6pm (meeting and sorting)
  ◆Please bring something to take notes
2.July 7th: No volunteer duty
  Enjoy the 3 opening games at the stands
  ※If you're checking-in, come to General Reception between 2-6pm
3.July 8-13th
  ◆Basically duty hours will be from 8am-6:30pm (including breaks)
   ※Depending on rotation, starting and ending hours will differ
   ※Rotation Schedule will be updated on this page (starting on July 6th)
  ◆If it's your first day and you're checking-in, please check-in between 7:30-8am
  ◆You're invited to all events with the volunteer ID
  ◆Light lunch will be provided to volunteers on duty throughout the day
   ※If you are on duty only half a day, lunch will not be provided
4.July 14th: No volunteer duty
  Enjoy the Finals at the stands
◎Shuttle bus will run from July7-14th
  ※No shuttle on 6th
     ※Able to ride only with an ID (i.e. after check-in)

Looking forward to working with you, and
to make this mega-event an exciting one.
See you at Sakai!  

For any questions, please mail to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Volunteer Organizing Staff