Here, we collect the information necessary for your great experience in WUGC2012

Want to know about WUGC2012!

- 23coutries、65teams are participating. 1500 players gathers from all over the world to Sakai Osaka.
- Ultimate of 7vs7, and Guts of 5vs5 will be played.
- 20 years have passed since the previous World Games in Japan had been played in Utsunomiya.

About Countries, divisions
Event Schedule

In watching games at J-GREEN Sakai

- Admission FREE! Please enjoy and experience great times with flying disc games.
- Parking area is located in J-GREEN (paid area).
- Only players and team staffs are allowed to enter the playing field. Enjoy watching games outside the field.

Access to J-GREEN(Train)

- During WUGC2012, non-related people are also visiting J-GREEN. Please keep that in your mind.
- In J-Green, cafe and vending machines will be located. Please do not leave the garbage there.