【Charity Project for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami】

This project came into act to support and send SPIRIT to the Tohoku areas which were seriously affected by the 3.11 disaster.  We aim to tighten the bond between the Tohoku players and the players around the world by exchanging SPIRITS.

First, check out the messages sent from the Tohoku players towards the participants of WUGC2012, and return your message by having your photo taken during the championships.  Those message photos will be introduced via this website.

- WUGC2012 Message from Tohoku -

WUGC2012 Message from Sakai -

Your love, donation, smile, and great SPIRIT will give courage to the Tohoku people.

So join us at the Tohoku Charity Booth during the tournament and send your SPIRIT!!

Tohoku Charity Disc

A special "Sakai" disc will be sold at the booth.  All proceeds excluding the manufacturing costs will be donated to the stricken areas through the Red Cross.  Looking forward to seeing many people's participation to this charity.